This sacred vine, combined with the leaves of the Chacruna (Psychotria viridisor the chalipanga (Diplopterys cabrerana), has been used for thousands of years over the west side of the Amazon Bassin to heal and to see. The preparation of the beverage is done in the DEVAS Center in respect with ancestral rules.

This vine, the Banisteriopsis caapi, got its name Ayahuasca (more information here) from the Kichwa language aya = the soul or the dead, and huasca = the vine. This vine of the soul or vine of the dead is what is called an entheogenous ; all the molecules in the beverage are naturally produced by the human brain and in various parts of the body, especially in the Pineal gland and have sometimes been called the dream or spirit molecule.

What the Ayahuasca, this sacred remedy does, is open a door into your subconscious and allow you to communicate freely and completly with it... yourself, without hindrance. In normal circumstances, our subconscious can only express itself through dreams that are sometimes difficult to remember or even understand, but while in this state of modified consciousness, we can understant this language of the body, perceive the source of our disorders, pains or ailments. Those will be brought into the light of consciousness by the Ayahuasca from our bodies and minds, in order to expurgate them (vomiting, yawning, crying,...).

Drinking this remedy will take us into the deepest corners of ourselves, others and the univers. Indigenous people use it to cure and see, while westerners use it more to travel into their inner selves. Each ceremony is a voyage to discover oneself, discover the secrets of the plants and the energies that surround us.


The Ayahuasca is NOT a recreative drug, this is an entheogenous allowing a profound introspection and has been used for centuries as a powerful remedy. The motivation of the participants to the ceremonies has to be sane and healthy, and if curiosity is laudable, people solely looking for a psychedelic experience will not meet our work criteria.